Oma Antarex Bowl Cutting Machine for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz Counter Tops


Why buy a granite radial arm machine that takes up such a large floor space just to cut out bowls? What is the best way to cut granite sinks or marble vanity tops out?

The Oma Antarex Bowl Cutting machine will cut out a sink bowl or vanity bowl in granite, marble, engineered stone in half the time a radial arm machine will.

At 44,000 rpm, the Oma Granite Bowl Cutter runs at 4 times the speed of radial arm machines. Radial Arm machines use 20mm diameter diamond tips that require many passes around and around the sink template to cut out the bowl or vanity. The Oma Antarex Bowl Cutter uses a 3/8″ (10mm) diamond finger bit that requires only 1 pass in 2cm and 3cm stone.

The Oma Antarex bowl cutting router runs at a solid 4 HP, stronger than the most popular radial arm machines.