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  • $595.00

    Aqua-Jaw™ Carry Vise™

    Versatile, all-weather carry clamp


    • Designed to not slip off wet stone
    • Stays attached when going up stairs
    • Vise-grip holds evenly to stone for safer, easier carrying
    • Highest capacity carry clamp on the market at 800 lb per pair
    • Opens wide for thick edges and miters
    • Optional Handle Kit allows four people to share the load
    • Rubber-lined gripping rails protect tops from scratches
    • Foam handle grips are UV, ozone, and moisture resistant
    • Clamping range: 0.15” – 4.25″ (4 mm – 108 mm)
  • $150.00

    Edge Seamer

    Seam leveling rail


    • Take the twist out of sink rails
    • Dial-in flawless edge seams
    • Perfect solution for leveling seams along cutouts
    • Fast, easy, and more reliable than shims alone
    • Integrated rail pads for fine-tuning
    • Rubber bumpers protect finished edges
    • Clamping range: 0.55″ – 1.97″ (14 mm – 50 mm)
  • $375.00

    Pro-Dolly™ HD1

    Heavy Duty Dolly


    • Easily and safely transports heavy stone
    • Reduces strain and risk of injury
    • Low profile provides more height clearance
    • Clamps to stone during transport and for lifting over curbs and stairs
    • Extremely stable and easy to maneuver
    • 750 lb capacity; weighs only 21 lb
    • 8″ non-marking, flat-free, shock absorbing tires
    • Clamp opening: 2.88″ (73 mm)
  • $4,995.00

    Pro-Lift Automatic

    Super duty lifting cart


    • Reduce physical strain and risk of injury
    • Accomplish more with less people
    • Safely lower, transport, and lift large slabs
    • Enables controlled tilt for easier countertop installation
    • Wireless remote allows workers to position themselves in safer areas around the stone
    • Commonly used with Aqua-Jaw™ Carry Vise™ for optimal material control
    • Unload slabs easier, safer, and faster than traditional methods
    • Engineered for optimum stability and maneuverability
    • Lift stone up to 45″ (from ground to support rail)
    • Clamp opening: 4.5″ (115 mm)
    • Powered by 28V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • 1,000 lb capacity; weighs only 74 lb
    • 10” non-marking, flat-free, shock absorbing tires
    • Integrated remote storage cage, level, and kickbrake
  • $245.00$365.00

    Sink Hole Saver Edge

    • Pays for itself with one prevented break™
    • Edge-mounted reinforcement system for fragile materials
    • Perfect solution for strengthening cutouts, backsplashes, and other fragile pieces
    • Mechanical clamps slide in rail for custom placement
    • Easy-grasp knobs make attachment quick and effortless
    • Clamping range: 0.7″ – 2.1″ (18mm to 53mm)
    • Available in three lengths: 4’, 6’, and 8’


  • $375.00

    Stealth Seamer™ Manual



    • Joins, levels, and flattens stone to deliver superior seams, every time
    • Entire seam is accessible for epoxy application or removal
    • 8” vacuum cups feature a continuous seal for strong, reliable hold
    • Four leveling feet adjust easily to fine-tune the seam and eliminate unevenness of warped stone
    • Vinyl-capped leveling feet slide for custom placement, but won’t scratch surfaces
    • Durable anodized billet aluminum and stainless steel components