Weha Heavy Duty Remnant Stone Storage Rack 5 foot


Comes with 2 60″ Bases and 20- 36″ Posts

The Weha Heavy Duty Stone Remnant Rack is excellent for storing cut pieces, vanities, and remnants of all kinds.

This isn’t the standard light weight remnant rack that fabricators are used to seeing around.

The Weha Heavy Duty Remnant Rack is stout, sturdy, and strong enough to store all thickness remnants. Each 36″ post weighs almost 3 1/2 lbs each! This is Heavy duty steel.And the base is equally as strong to store entire row of remnants.

Weha heavy duty stone storage remnant racks are outstanding for granite, marble, engineered stone, travertine, Dekton, and all kinds of natural stone.

The Weha Remnant Rack base rails are 60″ long with 13 open holes per side for the poles.

The Remnant Rack comes with 20 36″ poles.