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Italian Craftsman Poultice

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Italian Craftsman® Marble Poultice safely removes surface and deep-set staining from polished stone and porous masonry surfaces. This odorless, non-acidic blend of dry absorbent clays and biodegradable detergents, will not etch or discolor marble, limestone or other acid-sensitive surfaces.

Designed for on-site mixing with fresh water, Marble Poultice produces a smooth paste suitable for trowel application to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Allowed to remain on the surface for 4 to 48 hours, the “”pulling”” action of Marble Poultice draws oil, dirt and other deep-set stains into the poultice paste for easy removal with a damp sponge or low volume water rinsing.

Used as a general purpose cleaner, or for selective removal of isolated staining, Marble Poultice is safe for use in a variety of interior or exterior cleaning requirements.

Advantages: Thoroughly cleans without danger of etching or bleaching polished and unpolished marble surfaces. A safe, odorless, non-acidic cleaner ideal for interior application. Harmless to most flooring materials and adjoining surfaces. Highly plastic consistency makes uniform application easy and safe.

Limitations: Should not be mixed or applied at subfreezing temperatures. Wet poultice will freeze. Surface and air temperatures should be at least 50° F (10° C). Cold temperatures will adversely affect the cleaning properties of Italian Craftsman® Marble Poultice.”

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