RockPecker CNC Diamond Core Bits


Weha RockPecker 1/2 Gas CNC Core bit has been designed specifically for Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Engineered Stone, Limestone, Travertine, Concrete, Soapstone, and other natural stone materials.

The Weha RockPecker CNC core bits work excellent on all CNC machines such as Breton, Northwood, Park Industries, and other cnc machines.

  • Core perfectly smooth, chip free holes on all thickness materials.
  • 1mm thick rim
  • will drill very clean and fast through the quartzite, quartz, granite, marble, and all materials.
  • drill hundreds of holes
  • Total length: 4 3/16″ (106mm)
  • Drilling depth: 2 9/16″ (65mm)
  • Segment dimensions: 1mm x 10mm
  • 1/2 Gas male CNC thread
  • Recommended RPM: between 750-2800 rpm
  • Feed rate: between 3″-4″ per minute

The Weha RockPecker CNC core bit is one of the best CNC core bits that you can put on your cnc machines.

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