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DEP 250 Water Filtration Unit
  • DEP 250 Water Filtration Unit

DEP 250 Water Filtration Unit

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DEP 250 Water Filtration Unit

DEP 250 Water Filtration Unit by Sigma is also referred to as The “DEP” water filtration system which solves the dirty water problems created by cutting and grinding stone in accordance with the environmental laws. The clarified water can either be safely sent down the drain or recycled back to the saw and the dried mud can be easily thrown away.


Sludge pit design for DEP250


The clarification of muddy water takes place by separating the mud from the water by using filter bags. It is possible to use chemical additives. Once filled with the dried mud the bags can be discarded.

The clarification procedure will cause a thickening of semi-liquid mud at the bottom of the hopper. The sludge will then be extracted and dehydrated through the filtering bags making it ready to be discharged. In brief, the “DEP” system completely solves both problems about water clarification and getting rid of the mud.



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