Ghines Xagua – Suction Bench with Water Depuration

The stone* dust extraction benches represent a very efficient solution for stone fabricator shops.
All our dust benches are made of a sturdy non vibrating metal structure, carefully protected by ceramic and epoxy paint to ensure a long lifetime. The work surface is made up of strong and resistant timber planks.

XAGUA is a water-system suction bench for air cleaning, it uses the water to wet the stone* dust and ceramic dust

How does it work?
An impressive suction effect all over the perimeter of the XAGUA guides the stone* dust effectively inside the machine, where it is captured by nebulized water drops. The created air flow is forced several times to change direction and the centrifugal forces abate the muddy particles into the tank. Drop separators with lamellar structure inside the dust extraction bench retain the humidity inside. The continuous water overflow takes out the dirty water from the bench.

SPECIAL ORDER, Please call for pricing and lead time.