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Mastice 2000 Bellinzoni


  • Mastice 2000 Bellinzoni


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Mastice 2000 Bellinzoni

Mastice 2000 Bellinzoni is a two component polyester mastic for the filling and smotthing of marble and stone surfaces.

Mastic for marble & stones. Two pack mastic based on unsatured polyester resins. It hardens quickly after adding its hardener. It has good adhesive power and it is perfectly transparent and thanks to its fluidity, it penetrates into the hollowness and porosity of the stone. After hardening, it can be worked as the stone. It can be coloured by using Bellinzoni colour paste tubes and colour oxide powders. It is resistant to most of the chemicals such as oils, fats, detergents, solvents, etc .

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